To support ICT activities of the Unit which includes designing manufacturing, developing, and constructing content of website, SIM (Management Information System), network administration, then an organizational structure is constructed to maximize ICT’s performance. The organizational structure of ICT Unit as follows :

Surya Priyambudi, S.Pd., M.Pd.
Infrastruktur TIK

Happy people is not a great man in every way, but one that can find simple things in life and give thanks diligent

Steviano Prasetya, A.Md.
Pengembangan Sistem & Web TIK

life is never flat, small step for big changes!

Faisal Rahma Dana
Infrastruktur TIK

Work Hard Every Day

Mita, S.ST.
Pengembangan Sistem & Web TIK


Ditta Resty, S.Kom.

“Jangan lupa tertawa sekalipun engkau sering ditertawakan.”

Muhammad Harist Murdani, S.Kom., M.Sc
Pengembangan Sistem & Web TIK

Finally, it's done.